Your platform for Emojis

emoji1Emojis are one of the most common items used in text messaging and many other places today. Emoji are pictograms and come in variety of shapes, expressions and colors and as technology grows so does the adaption of Emojis. The list is endless such as human expressions, animals, plants, famous buildings, architectures, signs and flags, professions and other things can be represented using the Emoji.

Popularity of Emoji

Emojis were first developed and used in Japan and as the trend grew that started to be adapted across devices around the world . People love using Emojis to express a certain activity and events to explain the situation better. It is easy to understand what is going on through a picture, which is why, it is said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ The reports show that over tens of billions Emojis are sent worldwide everyday, which shows the popularity of them. Not only they are easy to understand, but they can also be remembered quickly, as the visual aspect allows the brain to remember a situation in a better way.


Emoji Domain Names

It is quite common to use words or a phrase to name a website and use that name for a website. As there are billions of websites, it is quite difficult to find an easy yet short name that explains the situation of the website. That is why; people look for names that can explain what is going on the website even if they do not use any other phrase. This is quite difficult to accomplish because most of the short words or easy words are already taken by the businesses, who have applied first. This is when, Emoji domain names can be useful, because they are short, precise and explain the purpose of the website in a better way.

The Emoji domain name was first used in 2001, where three websites had applied for the name on the first day. After that, it started becoming very popular and now, it has taken the world by storm. You can see a lot of domain names with the Emoji, which clearly shows that not only these name are easy to understand and remember, but also are very useful for understanding the background of the website without even looking at it.

emoji-love – The Platform for Buying & Selling Domain Names is one of the platforms, which let you buy or sell your domains names. You can find any kind of a name your business needs and then buy it from there, if available. You can also sell your domain name, and with this website, it will be easy for you to sell it. The website also allows you to buy or sell websites, apps and scripts, all at one place. The purpose of is to provide a social and economical platform to the trusted businesses and individuals, where they connect and collaborate to achieve their goals. With this platform, they do not have to look over the Internet to buy or sell different items, as the website allows them to do everything there. The future of the website is very bright, as it is adding more and more features, which will make the life of the customers easier.


Meta Data is the platform that allows the customers to buy or sell their Emoji domain names, apps, websites and scripts to trusted customers, whether individuals or businesses to meet the goals. You can find out more about the great team behind the site here or why not get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have. Of course you can even add a listing today.


Estate agents playa del ingles

property1If you’ve never traveled to the Gran Canaria islands then you really need to at some point, especially if you’re looking for a new home or an investment these chain of Islands represent some of the best holiday investments out there. Now is a great time to get involved as well, after the 2008 financial crisis we saw house sales plummet for years and now as the market is starting to take a turn again so are the investors flocking to the hot spots like the Gran Canarias.

With year round almost perfect weather to while away those hours in the sun and of course a nice ice cold sangria to match your plate of tapas what would could you ask for in location. There are some stunning areas and affordable to live in such as Play del Ingles. You can find some of the great properties listed here estate agents playa del ingles

Why you need fax marketing in your business

paxAs a business owner you’ll be more than aware of how much of a competitive market place we currently live in, gone are the days when you could simply rent a premises and the customers would flow in, we’ve now entered an era of technology and internet where marketing has become intense and means that you have to pull every trick out of the book to ensure your business gets as much maximum exposure as possible. Thankfully there are a few ways you can do this and one we want to focus on today is called fax marketing.

Sure you may be thinking but who uses faxes these days? But that in itself is probably one of the reasons why you should jump onto this marketing technique. Think about how many spam emails you get on a daily basis or even the amount of junk mail you are continuously receiving. Do you pay much attention to these materials when they are presented to you? Probably not and the simplest explanation is you see this type of marketing on a daily basis and you’ve just become ‘ad blind’ to these types of marketing techniques, which means your potential customers will ignore the same types of techniques .


So what options do you have left? Fax marketing of course! Yes people do fax and there are many advantages to using this as a form of marketing and well designed and thought out fax marketing campaign stands out and will grab a potential customers attention. What is the biggest draw of fax pax3marketing, it’s the fact that a fax can’t simply be deleted, somebody within the organisation will need to physically remove the fax and place it in a waste paper bin, this of course gives them essential ‘eyes on’ time where they are able to read your offer and should they choose they can respond to it. If you offer is interesting enough then they may also post in in a publicly displayable place such as the office notice board and of course this would give you access to more potential customers.  The other main draw to this type of marketing is of course it is relatively cheap as you don’t need to pay large amounts for marketing costs and design costs.

So how do you get started with Fax marketing?


Thankfully there is a great company called PaxFax which offers some of the most state of the art marketing techniques using fax technology. Whether you’re looking for a small campaign or perhaps a much larger campaign in the 1000’s they can help you all the way from idea to inception. You can see their price list here or why not check out their feature packed blog section here.  They also have a great support page here and of course if you have any questions at all then you can get in touch with one of the team here who will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

Check out Menorca this summer

carYou’ve either booked your summer holiday already or you’re looking for some great last minute deals to escape to a paradise somewhere in the world; either way we can help a little with that. Ever heard of the island that is Menorca? It’s in Europe and is one of the most stunning islands you can visit in a European summer, laid back days on sun bleached white beaches and chilled out evenings eating amazing tapas, followed by a few cocktails and of course a great night out!

Welcome to the Island of Menorca, reknowned as one of the best in the world. Once you’ve arrived in Menorca you need to get around and check out the island, what better way to do this then rent a car menorca. You can save on Taxi rides, have the freedom to follow your own schedule and of course you’ll get to check out most of the island in no time at all. Enjoy your holidays!


surv1According to Bear Grylls, “survival can be summed up in three words – never give up. That’s the heart of it really. Just keep trying.” Survival is a pretty basic human instinct in that most would do whatever it takes to survive a life-threatening situation. Although we all have basic survival instincts, it is important to hone those skills so that you can survive any situation that comes your way.

Survival skills can help you learn skills like navigation, how to find water and shelter, and so much more. Survival Profile, and online magazine, is a site filled with general information and opinion articles that can help any survivalist learn more about the skill.

Some of the article and blog categories include gadgets for survival, water and food, first aid, wilderness survival, and urban survival.



In the gadgets section, you can learn about several items on the market today that can aid in your survival in the wilderness or other areas. The surv2articles include information on things like extractors that can suck the venom and poison from animal bites and stings, as well as water filtration devices and systems that can provide clean, healthy water to its user.



This part of the magazine can help you by telling you five insects you could eat to survive in the jungle, and everything you need to know about foraging for food in the wild. You can also gain insight on things like what can happen is you drink salt water and how to turn it into drinkable water.



If you are in a survival situation, it is a good idea to have a few first aid skills in your back pocket. On Survival Profile, you can learn what to do if you’re bitten by a snake, how to dissolve sea urchin spines, how to find and treat spider bites, and much more.



When you are away from civilization, it can be tough to find adequate supplies and shelter. Survival Profile’s wilderness survival categories can help any survivalist learn how to survive in extreme elements, how to identify and avoid common deadly plants, and more.



Urban survival is a lot different than wilderness survival, as you have more resources at the tip of your fingers than you would if you were stranded. The articles in this section of the magazine help you learn how to survive a dog attack, an earthquake, and more. You can also learn if you can survive a nuclear attack in this section.


By visiting Survival Profile, you can learn all of the skills to help you survive plane crashes, being stranded on an island, animal attacks and more.


Survival Profile is an online magazine that includes blogs and articles with general information and opinions. You can find more information and posts online at or you can contact the magazine. You can also find Survival Profile on social media sites including Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


merchUNITED STATES – Many people remember the 1980s cult horror hit following Ashley “Ash” Williams (Bruce Campbell).


In the film, Williams, his girlfriend and three friends hike to the woods to a cabin for a night. They find an old book, the Necronomicon. When read aloud, the text reawakens the dead. The friends unknowingly release a flood of evil and mist fight for their lives or become one of the evil dead.


Ash’s friends become possessed and he must make a difficult decision before daybreak to save his life. In the end, he wields the famous chainsaw which replaces his hand in the flick.


The movie itself gained a lot of attention. A remake of the film, which debuted in 2013, had a similar storyline, but involved the sister of the main character, two of the main character’s friends and the main character’s girlfriend.


In 2015, a comic book series, “Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn,” came out. It is currently being sold by MerchGoat, an online store.


The writer is Frank Hannah, also known for writing comic books like Batman: Arkham Origins (2014), Legends of the Dark Knight (2012, 2014) and Zombie Camp (2016) among others. The cover was created by Netho Diaz and Anton Kokarev.


Diaz is known for his illustrations for DC comics, and Kokarev is known for his illustration of Fierce Winds Rising.


The storyline picks up where the original 1980s horror film left off.


In the first issue in the three-issue series, the dead Annie Knowby is plunged into Hell. She fights, armed with the Kandarian Dagger and the Ex-Mortis, hordes of Deadites and Ash’s severed hand with the goal of saving her parents’ souls.


By the third and final issue of the series, the story wraps up and it’s a fight right out of Hell, literally, for Ash and Annie.


“We once again have some folks who clearly have an Evil Dead story to tell,” said The Scoop. “Here’s hoping Space Goat continues to bring us more like this.”


A copy of each of the issues is available for $3.99 each, but the set is on sale for $9. A copy of the first issue, signed by the writer, Frank Hannah, is for sale for $14.99.


The website also sells other Evil Dead merchandise including a board game, graphic novels and other comic books. To order the Evil Dead 2 movie comic books, visit the store online.




MerchGoat is an online store that sells board games, comic books, graphic novels, stickers, apparel and Nerd Boss clothing. In partnership with Space Goat Productions and Space Goat Publishing, the site offers original content as well.


Visitors to the site can shop for products by theme. Currently, the Evil Dead 2 comic along with other Evil Dead 2 merchandise is a featured product on the website. The site accepts major credit cards.


For more information, or to order Evil Dead 2 Comics, visit the store online. To find out more please visit you can check out their online shop here or why not get in touch with one of the team here.

Sam Mizrahi

sam2Who is Sam Mizrahi?

For those of you who don’t know about Sam Mizrahi; today we’ll be introducing you to him and his life achievements. Currently residing in Canada, his has significant interests in the real estate industry in both Canada and abroad.  He is currently involved in a large development called the ‘One Development’ which is on the corners of Yonge and Bloor streets in downtown Toronto. His real estate career was born in 2011 with his first successful project being a  condominium project, a 9-story building known as 133 Hazelton Residences, in Toronto in 2011. Once this project was successful he quickly moved onto the next which was around 3 years later in early 2014, this is now known as the ‘One Development’ and is a significant development in Toronto, generating local income in the area and additionally it will be the tallest building in Canada.

What is Sam Mizrahi involved in?

Sam is currently a very busy man and has numerous interest in various companies and corporations.  Some of these include but are not limited too:

  • Mizrahi Developments
  • Mizrahi Design Build, Mizrahi Inc
  • Mizrahi Enterprises Inc.


He has been named as one of the most influential people in Canada by Toronto life; he’s often asked to consult on important real estate meetings and conventions.  Prior to entering the real estate game Sam Mizrahi founded a company called Dove cleaners and this was in the early 1990’s.  The company was successful for more than a decade when it filed for a restructure in 2007; this was an incredibly smart move by Sam and company as this saw the company grow incredibly in the pursuing years and now has over 100 franchises in the Greater Toronto area.

What developments does Sam Mizrahi currently own?

Baring in mind that there are still some in negotiations; below is a list of some of the current developments under Sam’s belt:sam4

  • 133 Hazelton (Toronto)
  • 181 Davenport (Toronto)
  • 1451 Wellington (Ottawa
  • Forest Hill Jewish Centre (Toronto)
  • 128 Hazelton (Toronto)
  • The One (Toronto)


What legal issues has Sam Mizrahi faced?

Sam Mizrahi and his team have been looking at a new development called  the Great Lakes Skyline, this was supposed to be a 80-story, 1,000-foot tower in Toronto, some 500 miles to the east of Chicago’s legendary skyscrapers. The problem that Sam and his team are currently facing is that he is facing fraud charges that he embezzled as much as $125 million from his lead investor.  It comes at a tough time for Sam as they are currently looking for approval for a new development which is know as ‘The One’ – this has also been stalled now due to the law suit. These all form part of an active lawsuit in the Toronto courts as we speak. Will they be able to beat these charges and carry on with their developments? Who knows, we’re interestingly watching thing space so let’s see what happens in the near future.



Cinema 69

cinema1Are you looking for one place to go to stream all your online movies and TV shows? Cinema 69 is the home of the latest movies and series for you to browse through and watch on-demand at your own leisure.

Simply create an account to have access to the widest range and the best quality of online streaming entertainment on the internet today. Watch your favorite shows and movies straight from your PC or mobile device. Take them on the move with you and watch them wherever you go.

In today’s world of online media, you never need to worry about choice or availability. You need a user-experience that is like no other and Cinema69 makes it easier than ever to stream online movies and TV shows at the touch of a button.

Watch what you want, when you want to watch it. Try the cinema69 experience and take your online streaming to the best service the world has to offer.

Online styling service

UrbaneDoes your image need a lift? Why not think about hiring an online stylist to take your wardrobe to the next level? Not everyone has the time or budget to meet with a stylist to get their thoughts on how to improve their fashion sense. That’s why we created an online styling service to help you get stylish, without the hassle.

It’s as simple as signing up and completing your style profile. Your personal stylist will review your information and send you a bespoke package featuring stylish clothing that will improve and enhance your image. Simply try on the clothing and keep what works for you, contact your stylist within 10 days to tell them what you like and then be billed for only the clothes that you want.

With your own personal online stylist, you have the confidence to attend any function or event, knowing that you are the best dressed person in the room.

Google Data Studio Tutorial

ZimaThe new exciting data tool from Google Analytics is Google Data Studio. Google is known for releasing great, innovative products that optimize and streamline your online processes and tasks.

This Google Data Studio Tutorial is designed to give you a good understanding of the tool and how it works. All that’s left to do is try it out for yourself!

User interface

You can access your Google Data Studio directly from your Google Analytics dashboard, simply click on the tile in your apps box. The Google Data studio is completely free for anyone to use and integrates with your existing Google account, you can also select the accounts of any clients that you may be managing.

Creating a template is simple and Google has put the extra work into making navigating the platform easy and friendly. The ribbons in the navigation bar are all simple to understand and let you create a wide variety of custom inserts, theme settings for your reports, allowing you to get the relevant data you need from your account in a visual representation you can understand at a glance. Google has made the user interface experience simple and fluid with all of the cards available below the navigation bar, giving you easy access to the cards when building your templates.


Creating a Dashboard

Starting off your Google Studio Dashboard can be a bit frustrating if you are a bit new to using template generating software, trial and error is important, but you should be able to get a hang of them fairly quickly. There are cards for all sorts of custom data metrics such as top traffic sources, conversion and revenue.

Once your design is complete, it’s time to create the visual representation of the data. You can select a variety of charts and tables to populate the cards with your data. You can select any theme or style of presentation, with easy navigation of the options available from the design ribbon on the left of the screen. Then import your data from your account sources and watch the cards come to life with your site’s data.


Once you have applied everything to your card, you can save your project and even duplicate the card for further use. The Google Data Studio updates everything dynamically giving you a snapshot of the cards and the data you need, all in one place.

You may not get everything right the first time, but trial and error is the name of the game and you are able to save your previous cards by replicating their formats and then using them for further projects, this will save a lot of time in replicating work and gives you the chance to improve upon each project, building on the best from the last one.

Sharing your Data Studio projects

You’ll want to share your Google Data Studio projects with your team, it’s simple and easy with the Google Data Studio share feature. This sharing method is exactly the same as any other google drive product, you simply select your contact and notify them.

You can also control their access to certain parts of the product, securing your sensitive or proprietary data from anyone you need to while allowing them to have creative access to the project.

The conclusion

If you want to learn how to use the app to its full potential, then getting advice from someone that knows what they are doing is indispensable in fast-tracking your understanding and application of what you can achieve with the technology. A Google Data Studio Tutorial will empower you with the knowledge you need to successfully navigate and execute on the platform, using all of its amazing visual tools effectively.


Take the time to watch a Google Data Studio tutorial and you can expect to hit the ground running with your first project, wasting less time on trying to figure things out for yourself. It just makes good sense to get ahead with a tutorial, and then get started with your project.

To find out more please don’t hesitate to visit you can find out more about the great team behind the site here or why not check out some of their services they offer. Of course if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help.  Why not check them out on Youtube where they have some great videos.

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