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emoji1Emojis are one of the most common items used in text messaging and many other places today. Emoji are pictograms and come in variety of shapes, expressions and colors and as technology grows so does the adaption of Emojis. The list is endless such as human expressions, animals, plants, famous buildings, architectures, signs and flags, professions and other things can be represented using the Emoji.

Popularity of Emoji

Emojis were first developed and used in Japan and as the trend grew that started to be adapted across devices around the world . People love using Emojis to express a certain activity and events to explain the situation better. It is easy to understand what is going on through a picture, which is why, it is said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ The reports show that over tens of billions Emojis are sent worldwide everyday, which shows the popularity of them. Not only they are easy to understand, but they can also be remembered quickly, as the visual aspect allows the brain to remember a situation in a better way.


Emoji Domain Names

It is quite common to use words or a phrase to name a website and use that name for a website. As there are billions of websites, it is quite difficult to find an easy yet short name that explains the situation of the website. That is why; people look for names that can explain what is going on the website even if they do not use any other phrase. This is quite difficult to accomplish because most of the short words or easy words are already taken by the businesses, who have applied first. This is when, Emoji domain names can be useful, because they are short, precise and explain the purpose of the website in a better way.

The Emoji domain name was first used in 2001, where three websites had applied for the name on the first day. After that, it started becoming very popular and now, it has taken the world by storm. You can see a lot of domain names with the Emoji, which clearly shows that not only these name are easy to understand and remember, but also are very useful for understanding the background of the website without even looking at it.

emoji-love – The Platform for Buying & Selling Domain Names is one of the platforms, which let you buy or sell your domains names. You can find any kind of a name your business needs and then buy it from there, if available. You can also sell your domain name, and with this website, it will be easy for you to sell it. The website also allows you to buy or sell websites, apps and scripts, all at one place. The purpose of is to provide a social and economical platform to the trusted businesses and individuals, where they connect and collaborate to achieve their goals. With this platform, they do not have to look over the Internet to buy or sell different items, as the website allows them to do everything there. The future of the website is very bright, as it is adding more and more features, which will make the life of the customers easier.


Meta Data is the platform that allows the customers to buy or sell their Emoji domain names, apps, websites and scripts to trusted customers, whether individuals or businesses to meet the goals. You can find out more about the great team behind the site here or why not get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have. Of course you can even add a listing today.



websiteWhen you sell items through your business online, you want to be sure that your customers can securely pay for your products and services.


As technology improves, so do the skills of those who hope to use the loopholes in technology for monetary gain. Luckily, there is a way to reduce and practically eliminate hackers from stealing your customers’ information. In this article you will learn the importance of secure payments on your site, what SSL certificates are, and how Website Solution Limited can help you today.



As recently as a few years ago, the hacktivist group called Anonymous released the information of thousands of business people, politicians, and every-day joes to the masses. The information was obtained from a site known for extra-marital affairs.


The information released included credit card numbers, names, addresses, and other identifying information. While this is an extreme example, you probably now see what can happen if you don’t have secure payment options as well as secure data transfer, login, and secure social media sites.


People value their information, especially now in the digital age where things can be stolen without even an inkling that it actually happened. As a business owner, you should provide a secure form of payment, login, and data transfer so that your customers are protected. If their information is farmed from your business, you could risk litigation as well as a decrease in your customer rate.



SSL certificates, or secure sockets layer certificates, are data files that lock themselves onto a cryptographic key in order to establish a secure connection between the web server and the browser. This can help keep your customers’ transactions, login information, and data safe from hackers.


Not only can SSL certificates increase trust levels with you and your customers, it can also boost your Google Plus rating and improve your conversion ratings, as potential customers will see that you guarantee you’ve done all you can to protect their information from those who work to steal it.


SSL certificates can also improve your branding and result in higher search engine hits.



Website Solution Limited is a great resource for those looking to protect their customers during their browsing and shopping experience. The company has operated since 2003.


It offers a number of SSL solutions for customers of varying sizes who have different needs. The Let’s Encrypt package is free of charge for 3 months and is renewable. It includes a website and domain as well as an improved Google search rating.


Another package, the RapidSSL package, includes a name, domain, and improved Google rating as well as a medium brand trustworthiness and is HK$480 per year plus installation. The RapidSSL Wildcard includes a domain, unlimited sub-domains, medium trustworthiness, and a improve Google rating for HK$1200 per year plus installation.


There are more packages for business owners. For further detail, visit today.


3 reasons why the last Jedi is awesome

watchThe star wars franchise has been known to never disappoint. Having successfully pleased and somewhat completely satisfied us in previous releases, the last Jedi is definitely not an exception, little wonder it made the 2nd biggest domestic release in opening weekend of all time and ranked 95% on rotten tomatoes by critics. Huge! Here are 3 reasons why the last Jedi is just as awesome as it can be.

It is unpredictable

You know these kinds of movies that leave you edgy? You know the story but you can never tell what would happen next? Now, that’s what the last Jedi served. It is so amazing to finally see a movie that leaves you at the edge of your sit constantly, keeping you wondering what next. The last Jedi made sure it gave us surprises whilst leaving us thoughtful even after watching the movie.

Perfect blend of humour and action

There is nothing as satisfying as having a movie with just the right blend of humour and action. From Kylo and Rey’s fight which was a well thought out battle by the way, to the little insinuations in words that propelled humour. Rian Johnson did a good one on this. It is indeed a beautiful movie.

The characters are Awesome!

From the infusion of new characters, such as rose a favourite, to the more tasking role given to Luke skywalker. Every single one of the casts in this movie was awesome.

If you haven’t seen the last Jedi, it is very important that you do. You cannot be missing out on such an awesome movie.

Ways to improve the search engine rankings of your website

seoSearch rank or search engine rank refers to the position where a website appears in the search engine results.  Search ranking is important as it helps in the amount of traffic coming to your website. The methods that are used to optimise a website to rank high in search engine results is known as search engine optimisation (SEO). There are several ways by which search engine optimisation techniques can be used to improve the search engine ranking of your website and they are outlined below.

  • Make use of the right set of keywords

Keywords are a very important deal in search engine ranking. It is essential to do research for the various keywords that are valuable and needed in your niche so as to be able to decipher the keywords to make use of to optimise your website and move it up in search ranks. Search engines such as Google usually make use of keywords to rank website which is why it is important to make use of the right keywords. A popular tool used to research on the popularity of keywords for your website is called Google keyword research tool.

  • Make use of Analytical Tools to measure your websites performance

Different analytical tools are available to get the performance information about your website.  Analytical tools provide reports that will give you insight on what to do to optimise your site. An example of analytical tool available is the Google free analytics tool.


  • Endeavor make proper use of tags

Tags are also used to rank sites so it is important that tags are used properly. Meta tags as well as title tags are very important tags ad they contain keywords that are used to help and increase the search engine ranking of your site. Google usually makes use of the title tags and meta tags to rank your site in the search engine results.

  • Endeavor to put keywords in other areas of your website

Embing keywords into the different areas of your website will  make it easy for your site to be found in the search engine results. However, it is important that you remember not to overpack your website with keywords as this can lead your site to be penalised by Google.

  • Your website must contain useful content

Your website must contain useful information that are needed and can provide answers for different questions. If your website contains content that is useful and needed,  the amount of traffic coming to your website will increase and this will also irrevocably increase your websites search engine ranking as well.


  • Backlinks are very important

Backlinks are  important for search engine ranking. Backlinks are essentially sites that link directly to your website. Backlinks will help increase your sites search rank and traffic to your website will also increase as well. Backlinks can be considered as the most important tip for search engine optimisation but it is the most underutilized.



Do not overwhelm your website using all the tips mentioned above at once, It is important that you take your time while making use of this tips so as to increase the search rank of your website steadily.

To find out more please don’t hesitate to visit 

The Blaze Kase

blazeUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years you’ll know that the green revolution has taken the world by storm and by this we mean marijuana. Authorities around the world are finally starting to realise the medicinal benefits of this bud and also realising that recreational use causes a lot less harm to people that use it instead of other substances say for example alcohol.


This of course has sprung an entire sub industry which offers everything from edibles to accessories and for those smoke heads among use you’ll be pleased to know that the Blaze Kase subscription box has finally hit the market with everything from smoking papers, blunt papers, hand blown bowls and much much more it’s the perfect gift for you or a friend this holiday season. So don’t delay and get your hands on a 420 subscription box  today and be the envy of all of your friends!

Choosing the perfect diamond ring

diamondDid you know that the demand for diamonds was originally created as a marketing strategy by the De Beers diamond company which is located in South Africa. The sales of diamonds were initially very slow and their marketing department came up with the genius idea to market diamonds as the perfect and only wedding accessory. Since then the rest is history and at most if not all weddings across the world you will find diamond set rings.

There is of course a good reason for this as diamonds are actually incredibly rare and signify lasting for lifetime which is meant to be devotion towards your partner. So when shopping for the perfect diamond for your partner make sure you put a lot of time and though into the diamond you’re going to choose and of course on how the diamond will be set. You can also find out more by visiting diamond rings


rajBow ties are a fashion piece that can spice up any wardrobe. They accentuate the neck and are possibly one of the most popular accessories on the market for men.


Because bow ties are fashionable, everyone tends to find the same old fabric bow tie. Well, if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, you should purchase a Rattan bow tie from Racso J.


The bow ties from Racso J. feature Rattan, a material that is a close relative of the palm tree. It is a vine that grows in the South-Eastern region and is considered one of the strongest woods on Earth. If you saw if for yourself, you would say it looks a lot like weaved wicker. But, the difference is wicker can be crafted from a number of materials because wicker is a style of crafting, not a material itself.


The bow ties are the brain child of creator Racso Jugarap, and artist who grew up in the Philippines. Before this project, he worked as a chef for five years, traveling the world and learning more and more about other people.


Jugarap came up with the idea to use Rattan when he was brainstorming new ideas for a piece he could add to his artistic sculptural collection. He turned to music for inspiration. He started by playing Stomae’s song Evora on the radio and he was instantly inspired by the cultural and island vibe of the song.


That’s when it hit him. Why not create a bow tie with an island vibe? He remembered the material that grew all around the archipelago he came from. Rattan. In the years following, he created the Rattan bow tie, which is not only fashionable, but also can be incorporated into the sustainable fashion movement happening across the world.


Racso J. is currently working with artisans in Vietnam. The workers are mostly women older than 50 years old who are currently finding it difficult to find a job as most of the companies in the area are hiring younger workers. They are able to work in their own household while making the money they need to support themselves or their families. So, when you purchase a fashionable Rattan bow tie from Racso J., you are also helping to employ a number of people who otherwise wouldn’t have work.


It takes these artisans around 20 minutes to craft the perfect Rattan bow tie. The main body of the bow tie is made from the Rattan. The body is then wrapped with a piece of fabric and features the familiar fabric that you adjust to your neck size.



If you want to learn more about the Rattan bow tie from Racso J., visit You can also email Jugarap at For help in the USA, contact co-founder and creative director Wenelie Rose Jugarap at, and you can also email Luc G.P. Vanlerberghe, marketing and PR, at


4K Fireplace video

We all live very stressful lives and often it can be difficult to find time out to just relax and let the days stresses while away. Here are some great tips on how you can create the perfect relaxing environment in your own home.

Plants – A lot of plants are known to contain relaxing properties which can help you sleep well, additionally plants also create oxygen which of course is what keeps us all alive.


Artwork – Having some of your favourite artwork in your home is known to relax people and put them in a lot less stressful moods. So choose your best art and spend hours pondering over it.

Fireplaces – Fireplaces are absolutely amazing when it comes to relaxing time, there is just something so bliss about staring at flickering flames all the time. Of course they can be expensive to install but that’s okay because there are some great options on the market like this 4K Fireplace video


santaUnless you’ve been living under a rock for awhile you will know that we are now living in a digital revolution when it comes to the way we trade and the currency we spend.  We all live with technology so intertwined into our lives that it would only be sooner rather than later that we would enter a new currency revolution. Enter the world of Crypto-Currency, digital currency stored in a decentralised database which is accessible for anyone to see and is controlled by  no central body coupled with the fact that the system has very low transaction fee’s we are looking at the future of payments.  Today we’re going to take a look at one of the new digital coins on the market and how you can use this coin as well as how you can actually profit from the coin in the future.


We all grew up hearing tales of Santa Clause and his journey across the world on Christmas Eve. The newest and hottest crypto-currency has some of Santa’s unique qualities. The only difference is, Santa Coin is real.


If you are familiar with bitcoin, you won’t have a lot more to learn when using Santa Coin. The only difference is that to have one bitcoin, you need to have more than 8,243 USD to own it. At this time, Santa Coin is still cheap, so there is a big opportunity for those in the digital world to capitalize off of this.



Santa Coin allows you to send money, earn daily profit, lend, buy, and deposit to other crypto-currency accounts. You can work with various other crypto-currency accounts like alcoin, bitconnect, and regalcoin to name a few.



There are several great reasons why you should choose to use Santa Coin as your crypto-currency of choice.


To begin, it’s fast. Just like Santa Clause, Santa Coin can get anywhere in the world almost instantly. This is all thanks to network protocols, infrastructure, and a secure open-source platform that is based on blockchain technology that allows Santa Coin to be sent anywhere in the world instantly. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.


Another reason you should choose Santa Coin is that it will allow you to transfer money to your peers with no central authority or third party involved.


Santa Coins can also be great for international purchases. This crypto-currency can allow anyone to send money both internationally and locally without the physical barrier of changing out currencies or taking trips to the bank.


Lastly, Santa Coin doesn’t have a central control system. The server is decentralized and it is divided to various servers that is run by each of the users. This means your purchases won’t be interrupted by government agencies or bankers that will rack up fees you need to pay to make certain transactions.



If you’re interested in using Santa Coin as your new crypto-currency, you should visit for more information. You can find global sites for Vietnam, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, India, China, Korea, and Singapore on the site.


If you’re ready to buy Santa Coin, register for an account at, access your email to verify your account, copy your Santa Coin wallet address, access Santa ICO and buy Santa Coin online at, and pay with bitcoin. When you’ve made an account, you can see what you have available, what you’ve received, sent, and more. The Santa Coin account puts managing your Santa Coins at the tip of your fingers.


For customer support, you can fill out the form and hear form a representative as soon as possible, or you can email There is currently a maximum 28,000,000-coin supply costing $1.20 each. You can download the Santa Coin app to get started today. To find out more please don’t hesitate to visit you can find out more about how to buy the coin here or how you can get your hands on a secure wallet.


idleThe Idle Man is currently selling Barbour clothing. This brand is a household name, providing only the best quality clothing for close to a century. Barbour made a name for itself among gamekeepers and farmers through the unique waxed cotton method.


Waxed cotton helps to keep clothes dry by harnessing the power of wax which can effectively make clothing waterproof. Barbour clothing, mostly the company’s jackets, use waxed cotton so that you can be sure you’ll stay nice and dry if you purchase from it.


The Idle Man is currently selling a number of Barbour products, including quilted jackets, bakerboy hats, jumpers, t-shirts, joggers, and more. The company also sells dry wax bars and wax jacket care kits so you can properly care for your Barbour jackets and clothing.


For more information, or to purchase your Barbour clothing from The Idle Man, visit



How to download YouTube playlist

dvdUnless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have heard of Youtube. What you may not know is that Youtube was started in someones basement and is now the worlds largest search engine. Youtube is a huge store of entertainment and often it’s all for free as well.  There are many occasions though when you don’t have the resources to play you’re favourite music streaming, for example there may be an album that you like but you don’t have access to this when you’re driving your car, or when you’re travelling a lot you won’t always have access to wifi or internet points which will allow you to stream.


Thankfully there are some great software and online applications available which allow you to download these tracks, videos or even documentaries onto your favourite device such as an Ipad or even a USB which you can carry around. If you would like to find out more information then please don’t hesitate to visit How to download YouTube playlist

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